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Year of the Rooster, 2017

In San Francisco many years ago, Suzy Sotelo worked together with a well-known Asian Film maker and producer, Loni Ding, to design, illustrate and retell a traditional tale for The Year of the Rooster as a bilingual coloring book.

There will be a re-issue of that coloring book in 2017.

This will begin a series of books to include the origin of the Chinese Calendar. The Zodiac began with legends from the time of the Yellow Emperor, around 2100 B.C. Suzy will include a separate book for each of the animals of the 12-year cycle, starting with the Rooster, Dog, Pig, Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Ram, Monkey.

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Despite a long duration away from this series, Suzy’s interest has been sparked to complete this set, which is a combination of ancient tales and original art work. Trained as an artist, mythologist, and professional educator and counselor, she has collected and completed extensive research in Chinese and Filipino legends.