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Suzy Sotelo

Las Vegas Artist & Author

Ting: The Caldron Chinese Art & Identity in San Francisco

1970, Glide Urban Publication, San Francisco

Ting was conceived and organized to pay homage to the Asian culture in Chinatown by Loni Ding, a leading community organizer for Chinatown. I was asked to design and co-author several articles. Ting was published by renown The Glide Urban Center as a part of its ministry of reconciliation.

Ting was my first project with Loni. With its success, it opened the door for my next two books; produced after I received a National Endowment for the Arts Grant offered to me by the San Francisco Art Commission.

From the opening Forward of Ting: "The Caldron is the 50th hexagram in the I Ching or the Book of Change, and it represents the ancient vessel in which is proffered the cultural, artistic, and spiritual sustenance of a community. The ting belongs to all: it is the vehicle for reconciliation, in which young and old, Chinese and non-Chinese, all find their common ground.”

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