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Suzy Sotelo

Las Vegas Artist & Author

How the Rooster got its Crown

Retold and Illustrated by Suzy Sotelo
Available in Hard Cover& Soft Cover On Amazon


I was working my way through college and had a job in the day and studied at night.  When I had spare time, I would draw the pages
and take them to the Chinatown library to meet with the community organizer, Loni Ding to give her my drawings. This 
book was originally conceived as a coloring book.  When it was printed up, I took my 50 black and white copies and went home and colored them in  with my oil pastels….I found the oil pastel colors were brighter then crayons.  Years later, I rediscovered my 
hand colored copy in 2015 and re printed it; voila a 2nd edition!